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Aug 26, 2008 04:28 PM

Sap Sago - - got any ideas?

Any ideas on what you can do with this cheese? I bought it once but it went bad before I could get something done with it. It seems like a cheese for grating, but not sure. I guess it's also called Schabziger sometimes.

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  1. It probably didn't go bad, it is a pugent zesty cheese so the smell can be strong to begin with.

    Two suggestions, grate Sap Sago and mix with equal parts butter for a spread, or grate over steamed vegetables (especially broccoli) for a nice flavor.

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      i have also enjoyed it on hot popcorn, pasta, and baked fish with veggies on top.

    2. Granma was from Switzertland. Dad used to make Bott Boi. Grate Sapsago into fine powder. Boil WIDE egg noodles (al dente). Melt butter in large frying pan, when hot add noodles, sprinkle liberally with Sapsago and salt. Keep flipping noodles and adding sapsago until some of the noodles are crispy. Since Sapsago is unattainable at a reasonable price in Denver can't make. Enjoy and think of me.

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        Hey Wabbit, my mother in law is from Puerto Rico and has the exact same recipe for Bott Boi. ;-) My husband Beav still reminisces about his mamacita's bott boi. Sap sago has proven impossible to find here in Suffolk also but i found it really cheap on amazon dot com.