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Aug 26, 2008 04:12 PM

New authentic Asian restaurant in East Greenwich

They did an awesome job with the decor. It is located in the CVS plaza on Main street, next door to Tio Mateo's...

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      1. re: Sean

        Has anyone been yet? Seems pricey since there are no prices on the menu. Is it affordable for college students?

    1. The decor was very, and they were crowded. We should have gotten a reservation. I dont think they know what service is when they are busy. The put us at a 2 top in a corner for 3. The service was poor. The hibaci chicken was not hot, some pieces were warm and tough some ok. The fried rice was mediocre and the soup that is served with hibaci dinners was awful. They said it was just a chicken broth. It was worse. Wine by the glass is skimpy at $6.50. The sushi rolls were good. The food seems to be overpriced. Our waiter's excuse was that he was new and that they were very busy. I think we will give them a reason not to be as busy in the future