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Aug 26, 2008 03:58 PM

Last minute help - quick snack before the Geffen?

Help please! We are going to the Geffen tonight in Westwood and will only be able to get over there around 6:30 - and the show is at 8pm. So we'll have an hour at most to grab a quick bite, preferably within walking distance so we don't have to move our cars. We don't want to spend a lot on food or parking. Is there anything over there that is actually fast, cheap, AND good?? If it takes going beyond walking distance that's okay as long as we don't end up paying a ton for parking twice. Thank you!

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  1. if it was me, I'd go to Diddy Riese for an ice-cream sandwich! You probably had something else in mind... we like the Corner Bakery for a nice soup/half sandwich combo- don't like to eat a lot before going to an evening event. (Get a cookie to eat at intermission.) Palomino has an early dinner, but I think you're too late for that. We've gone to eat early at Chipotle, but maybe that's too fast-foodish for you. Napa Valley Grille in the bar area?

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      LaMonica's NY PIzza for a slice or two and a garlic roll, then over to Diddy Riese!
      There are a bunch of happy hours nearby,too, most run 'til 7pm. And "The Stand" has opened up a branch of their hot-dog-stand around the corner.