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Aug 26, 2008 03:45 PM

Stanton Social or Jane for saturday brunch/lunch

i am trying to decide which option will be most suited for baby shower for saturday brunch in santon social or lunch at jane. there will be around 15-20 people.
what are your opinions? i am looking for a nice atmosphere as well as great food.

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  1. Stanton Social is brighter and airier, and has multiple levels, so you might have more privacy. The small plates format lends itself to talking and tasting. Jane is the smaller restaurant and would most likely put you in their private dining room, which is on the lower level. Also on Saturday Jane serves lunch, not brunch, but adds 4 brunch additions to their menu, if that makes a difference. However, for a large party, I'm not sure if the restaurant make you do a prix fixe or anything, so I'd call and ask.

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    1. re: kathryn

      thank you for your reply.
      i talked to both of them. janes private room is booked on that day and they would sit us in the main dining room and yes, they do serve lunch.
      stanton social serves only brunch on saturday. i was wondering if it is good or not since i have not eaten there..

      1. re: Butterfly123

        I went to Stanton Social for a bridal shower brunch a few months ago. Stanton Social arranged a tasting menu for us ahead of time which made it really easy and no need to discuss which plates to get. All of the plates were fantastic: pancakes with caramelized bananas, ricotta fritters, monte christo, and bruschetta with eggs & tomatoes (maybe another dish, it's been a while). The upstairs room was ideal for us, it is smaller than downstairs and the skylight makes the room bright & cheery. I would definitely recommend this for a shower or party.

        1. re: Butterfly123

          If you're OK with more lunch style dishes and can sit upstairs, Jane is a fine choice. Stanton Social's brunch, however, is excellent, especially if you like to try many different items. It is on the pricier side, however.

      2. Hi,
        I would also opt for Stantion Social. After hearing a lot about how fabulous Jane's brunches are I was a little disappointed last time I went. It was good but not something to write home about (although still "good").

        I think that Stanton Social's brunch is slightly better and also better suited for that many people. If the brunch crowd drinks Stanton also has more choice of cocktails.