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Aug 26, 2008 03:29 PM

Latino Express anyone? (Scottsdale)

Does anyone remember a little fast food restaurant called Latino Express near Via Linda and 91st street? It was owned by Chef Razz of Razz's Restaurant and Catering, and sadly it was closed down after a short run. They had delicious items such as chicken with plantains and black beans, and out of this world arroz con pollo.

Anyway, I've been thinking about that lately and was wondering if anyone has been to Razz's Restaurant. It seems more like contemporary American cuisine based off the menu. I havent heard anything about it...

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  1. We love Razz and go there all the time. He normally closes during the summer, not sure exactly when he reopens, have to check his website.

    Sitting at the chefs bar is the most fun, let Razz do 3-4 tasting courses for you.

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      Razz reopens September 17th....he has many of his items from Latino Express on his small plates menu and sometimes runs them as specials!
      I too, miss Latino Express.....though now I enjoy the banter w/ Razz...sitting at the bar of his restaurant....our favorite item is still his Duck Cakes w/ the nopalito sauce.......I am counting the days til the 17th!
      Definitely let him prepare the tasting's an adventure!