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Aug 26, 2008 03:25 PM

Chocolate/Wine bar

I read a review in a magazine on Ayza, that has a chocolate & wine pairing menu. Oh my! I also looked them up on NY Menu Pages which has mixed reviews. Has anyone gone there and can give your opinion of how it was and what you thought? Thanks! Their web site is

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  1. I thought it was very cute, but small. The wine choices were good and I still think about the truffled pizza I had while there. Nothing extraordinary about the cheese selection, but there were solid choices (e.g. Shropshire blue). I have told friends who live in the area that I'd definitely go in there with them for drinks in the future.

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      The pizza caught my eye on their menu too. Did you have anything else from their main menu? Thanks for the comment regarding their cheese selection...I thought about going for wine/cheese/chocolate...that should be plenty filling!

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        Sorry no, it was a wine & cheese snack thing that we did; we knew were going elsewhere for food later. People's food looked and smelled great though. HUGE sangria glasses for anyone who's interested :)

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          That's what we were thinking of doing, wine, cheese, chocolate. Would that be enough for "a meal" or are the cheese selections very small?

      1. Just came back from Ayza with 3 girlfriends from out of town. Did a post-matinee, pre-bus trip home thing. 2 of us had the white truffle pizza, one had a plate with several cheese & other selections (Comté St. Antoine, Parmigiano, Tetes de Moines, Duck Liver Paté), the other had the hot artichoke hearts; we all shared a bottle of the grenache/shiraz blend. Everything was very good - loved the pizza, cheese was flavorful and at the right serving temperature, didn't even get a taste of the artichoke as the one who ordered it loved it so much that she scarfed it down!

        We had lost track of time so told our server that we needed to leave within a half hour and wanted to get chocolates to go and they were most accommodating, moving our food order along and giving us tiny cups with lids with our chocolates inside!

        We all agreed we would definitely return and try more selections on the menu...the chocolate and wine idea was phenomenal!