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Aug 26, 2008 02:51 PM

Currently - best steakhouse/prime rib in Calgary?

I'm disappointed as to how far off Vintage has fallen in terms of quality and service. I was wondering what other people find the best for steak/prime rib in Cowtown? I mean really good quality.

I've heard great things about the Bear's Den but haven't been able to make it out there yet. Anything closer to home that people are still high on? Caesar's still perhaps? I'm OK with Smuggler's but it's not amazing. Carver's?

I was disappointed a while back with the disappearance of the Owl's Nest at the Westin downtown - that place had amazing prime rib. Now, I can't even think of a decent place for that - any help?

Thanks all, oh and if you ever decide to do an all-inclusive in Mexico, go to Royal Hideaway in Playa Del Carmen (only AAA 5-Diamond all-inclusive in the world). The food is INCREDIBLE and you can have as much as you want :)

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  1. The Bears Den was really good when I went there. I would say you for sure should give it a try.

    1. I'd vote for Carver's. It's been maybe a year since I've been but I've been there lots over the last 5 years and it's way better than Caesar's or Smugglers. I haven't been to Bear's Den. I never liked Vintage much, overpriced and mediocre.

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        I would recommend The Bears Den as well. Carver's is very good, but we haven't been in about a year either -- hopefully it's still good.

        LeVilla, located in West Market Square, has excellent Prime Rib. The chef there used to work at Buchanan's.

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          Thanks all! The LeVilla comment is interesting. I've heard one REALLY bad review about that place recently that turned me off from it, and I've heard nothing good about it until now.

          Anyone have any other experiences with LeVilla?

          1. re: dknight

            We're quite picky with food and have always had good experiences with Le Villa -- once the service was a bit bad, but the food has always remained good. Nice food and you don't have to go all the way downtown. Would be interested to hear other's opinions too.

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              I live on the far west side so make it out to Le Villa every few months. Inside I always get a warm feeling, staff are really nice to me, I like how they have different types of tables and the two rooms.

              As for the food it's nothing out of this world but is more along the lines of a very well home-cooked meal you may have had a few times a year while growing up. For example they have two steak options Tenderloin Medallions or Ny Neptune. I order the medallions when I'm not in the mood to for a huge steak, just enjoy some fresh quality well seasoned meat. The Neptune is on the other hand a large cut withs lots of crab and sauce on top, very rich. Both would come with flavoured mash potatos and fresh seasonal veggies on the side nicely presented.

              1. re: hclass

                I have to agree with your assessment of Vintage. They went downhill quite a bit. I can't think of a place that has out of this world prime rib, but for the steak, Mercato all the way. I am a huge steak fan and I find the simple preparation of their Bisteca is perfect.

      2. I recently went to Mercato on 4th st for steak...was very good. The Palliser Oak Room had prime rib for their buffet and was to die for (just melted in your mouth). Not many original steak houses here anymore. Good luck. Best downtown steak sandwhich for the price ($15) would be Redwater in Bow Valley.

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        1. re: yumyum76

          How much was the buffet in the oak room? Was it the sunday buffet or the weekday lunch buffet? I visit Calgary fairly often and love to eat. Any help from anyone on the cost would be greatly appreciated. The prime rib in the buffet was the drawin card. I realize the cost will be rather high but want to know just how high.

          1. re: aycee

            We were there last November for a birthday celebration and the buffet was approx $30 to $35 pp. The prime rib was superb, but apparently is not offered weekly. The buffet is excellent quality, but I've noticed they've cut back on quite a few dishes. They also take a credit card no. and you will get charged a fee if you don't turn up.

            1. re: sweeterpea

              This sounds like a great tip, although it seems like it may be a bit strange to call the Fairmont to ask if they plan on serving prime rib for that weekend's brunch.

              Believe it or not, I've never actually been to Caesar's but it appears to be getting dumped on by a lot of people for some reason nowadays. Is that because it's fallen off quality-wise that much from its more "legendary" days? Is the Willow Park location any better or worse? I'm curious is all.

        2. Smuggler's (South Calgary)
          6920 Macleod Trail SE
          Calgary, AB T2H 0L3
          403 252 3394
          SE of Chinook Centre
          Good prime rib or rack of lamb for about $30, includes excellent salad bar with alot of variety, along with a soup bar featuring daily steak soup, Portuguese sausage and bean soup (sweet, sour, and spicy), and a third soup that varies daily. You'll need to order and pay for potatoes and other sides separately. However the salad bar has a delicious, lightly dressed red potato salad.

          1. I used to love Ceasars. We had one really terrible meal there about a year ago and haven't back. We probably should give it another shot. Hy's was really good before it closed. We went to the Chophouse only once. They were out of Potatoes which was kind of strage for a steakhouse.