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Aug 26, 2008 02:13 PM

Surfin' Tacos - Wakefield

I don't know how many of you like authentic tacos so I'd like to share my favorite little place for that. Surfin' Tacos in Wakefield is really good, and pretty cheap. My two favorites on the menu are the fish taco and the pork taco.

The fish taco is made with cod, I think, and has this delicious slaw type concoction on top, as well as a little cheese and some cilantro. It's in a fried taco and is too good.

The pork tacos only come in a soft tortilla, which I really don't get. They could just as easily put the pork and the sauce in a fried tortilla, but whatever. It tastes great, and the sauce is a vinegary type that really compliments the meat.

They have two choices for salsa when you order - mild and hot. The hot is excellent, and pretty spicy for a restaurant. The mild is a bit disappointing to me, as it really seems like a tomato sauce more than a salsa.

They have a variety of Mexican sodas - I recommend the limon (lime)!

Do any of you like this place or tried it?

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  1. You might also want to check out Tio Mateo's in East greenwich for authentic taco's. They also carry the Mexican soda's:;

    1. We've tried it a couple of times (both times the fish tacos). While the fish was fresh and tasty, I find the fried tortilla a real drawback (I wish they would offer soft tortillas with the fish) - they were really greasy last time. I am also surprised at how small the portion is. Having said all that, I am happy to support a local, small business owner who is putting out locally sourced food. Wish they had beer...

      1. I've been wanting to try that place for a while now. I had that fish taco last weekend. It was like eating slivers of bacala...cardboardy, dry - flavorless. The taco shell, greasy. Even the slaw couldn't redeem it. Mine had no cheese.

        The staff were accommodating and I got a bland quesedilla in place of the fish taco. However, there was no reason to question me at some length as to why I didn't like it, which was rather uncomfortable. I don't send food back unless it is inedible.

        Maybe they should use tilapia or something.

        DC had a chicken burrito. It's Overpriced. We won't be back

        1. I tried it last year and thought it was pretty mediocre. I thought it was overpriced for what you got, and the food wasn't even good. I will never return or recommend this place. It is in a cool location and has a nice vibe to it - they just need to work on their food.