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Aug 26, 2008 01:51 PM

pizza recommendations in ft. greene area


I recently moved to ft greene and wondered if anyone could recommend a place for pizza delivery.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Graziella's on Vanderbilt near DeKalb isn't too bad. They have some odd delivery rules though (not after 6 or something).

    1. This might be old:

      I like little louies on myrtle and adelphi

      1. pipitones on dekalb is more or less your basic pizza counter type pizzeria, but i always found it to be really good for that "type" of pizza, and better than any of the others in the area.

        1. I think your best bet is Il Porto on Washington. They just opened but the two pies I got from them yesterday were great, a decent crust that was nicely charred with better than average toppings. Way better than Graziella's which has got steadily worse in the year and a half I've been in the neighborhood. If you just want a greasy slice Luigi's @ DeKalb & Hall is decent, but they don't deliver. I don't really think either of these places is worth a special journey in any way shape or form but Il Porto is definitely worth the $$, at least in my opinion.

          If you find a decent chinese place that delivers to this area I will give you a million dollars. The only take-out I get regularly is Kinara Indian restaurant, which is sometime a slightly better than average neighborhood Indian place and sometimes way better than that.

          God I hate the Smoke Joint people for closing Lil Piggy Market, which was the best inexpensive restaurant in Fort Greene by miles (at least in my opinion).