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Aug 26, 2008 01:48 PM

Relocating to Bayonne

Any suggestions on where to eat in the Hudson County area? Thanks

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  1. Cafe Bello

    Laico's (Jersey City on Terhune)

    The Pointe (Jersey City)

    All good to great

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    1. re: stickman731

      I would second the recommendation of Laico's and include Komegashi Too on Pavonia for Japanese. On the Northern End of Hudson County, there is also DiPalma Brothers for old school red sauce Italian fare.

      Laico's Restaurant & Cocktail
      67 Terhune Ave
      Jersey City, NJ 07305

      Komegashi Too Japanese Cuisine
      99 Pavonia Ave
      Jersey City, NJ 07310
      Phone: (201) 533-8888

      Di Palma Brothers Restaurant
      (201) 868-3005
      8728 Kennedy Blvd E, North Bergen, NJ 07047

    2. In Bayonne, Pompei Pizza is good, Petrideis Hot Dogs on Broadway is great (dirty water dog, get with a Yoo Hoo), Venice Restaurant downtown was good, but they were closed at times for undisclosed reasons, Laico's is a must.