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Aug 26, 2008 01:20 PM

Toscano Bellevue

Anyone been to Toscano in Bellevue? I think it is new. Any reviews out there?

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  1. In this case I was the "canary in the coal mine". This restaurant is located on the ground floor of a retirement home. Although, the review in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine stated not to be put off by this, you should be. The wait staff speak for the hearing impaired and the crowd rolls in about 6 PM in their wheel chairs for the specials, which they get a resident discount on. The food is bland and over priced. The lighting is geard for the visually impaired. Unless you are over 80, and live upstairs, I would avoid this place.

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      Although Toscano must cater to the residents of the very luxurious Belletini, the restaurant provides local, unique, and body warming food that may not be the cheapest but definitely gives the diner what they paid for. If you choose to eat your dinner at six o'clock in the evening I would suggest going to a Sizzler or Red Robin, the elderly usually dine at those establishments around four and dealing with the hearing or movement impaired won't be a problem. Toscano is open until ten and also hosts parties for any occasion. Give it a try for yourself before believing the harsh criticism of someone who probably doesn't know risotto from polenta.

    2. So, Newinwa, how was your experience there? What was the menu like? Service? Ambiance? Pricing? On a scale of 0 to 5 stars, where would it fall?

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        The experience at Toscano is very pleasant. The dining room is slightly brighter than other fine dining establishments but it is not off-putting and if you choose to eat at the bar of the open line your dinner will be delicious and fun. The menu changes seasonally and some of the options are pricy but I felt worth the money. The servers are young and probably inexperienced but still hustle to make sure that no one is unpleasantly waiting and they can be as friendly and courteous as the next restaurant. I have a friend that works there so I would rate it a 5 from a biased opinion but to be completely honest and fair I would rate it a 4. Anytime someone bashes a restaurant, I find it hard to believe their criticism. Tstrum probably wasn't feeling good that day.

        1. re: newinwa

          Your personal attack on my review of Toscano makes me believe you WORK for Toscano. Any Italophile who goes to Toscano will be sorely disappointed. This place is below Olive Garden in quality and the clientele are mostly over 80 and are there for the convenience of living in the Nursing Home. Newinwa, next time you disagree with a review of a restaurant, try not to show your insecurity by personally attacking them. It is unbecoming.