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Aug 26, 2008 12:51 PM

I-15 North to Driggs, Idaho

We're driving to Driggs, Idaho from the Salt Lake City airport in about a month, and I have begun investigating our tasty dining options along the way. I can't seem to find many recommendations for places on or along I-15 in Idaho, or along 26 into Victor and Driggs. I'd be happy for guidance to other posts if they exist, or to suggestions for restaurants along the way. We'll be in search of dinner on a Thursday night, and then will be returning back to SLC on Sunday during the day, so there will be time for fun stops for pastries or any other foods of note. I appreciate your help in advance! I posted about the Utah part of the trip on the Southwest board... And if any of you ever come to Boston, I'm happy to offer lots of advice!


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  1. I'm reviving this 6 year old post, since I'm traveling the same route. Anyone have good recs? Thanks.

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      What I learned: Senor Iguanas in Pocatello is a must to avoid. It was profoundly mediocre--really, I'd say dreadful, except it was edible, and not spoiled or anything. We didn't see any more promising leads, but they can't possibly be significantly worse.