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Aug 26, 2008 12:46 PM

I-15 North - Salt Lake City to Idaho?


We're driving to Driggs, Idaho from the Salt Lake City airport in about a month, and I have begun investigating our tasty dining options along the way. I can't seem to find many recommendations for places on or along I-15 north of SLC. I'd be happy for guidance to other posts if they exist, or to suggestions for restaurants along the way. We'll be in search of dinner (leaving the airport around 6) on a Thursday night, probably not too many hours north of the airport, and then returning back to SLC on Sunday during the day, so there will be time for fun stops for pastries or any other foods of note. I appreciate your help in advance! I know to post about the Idaho portion of the trip in the 'Elsewhere in America' thread... And if any of you ever come to Boston, I'm happy to offer lots of advice!


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  1. Best bet might be Maddox, near Brigham City. Uniquely Utahn, and the beef is as fresh as it gets. The restaurant is adjacent to the stockyard. I'm partial to the ground lamb steak. And raspberry butter... mmmmmm.

    1. Jeda,

      I would recommend several places along the way.
      Joanie's Cafe in Kaysville 286 N. 400 West
      Layton's exits are full of restaurants, but most are chain ones.
      In Ogden the Union Grill in the Old Union Station on 25th street and Wall Ave. Up 25th street you will find several diners like Bistro 258, Jasohs Restaurant,Tona (Sushi Bar and Grill) all worth trying.
      El Matador's on 25th and Ogden Ave (just above Washington Blvd) is a fun place to eat.
      Around the new Solomon Center in downtown Ogden, there is lots to do, and a new Mexican Restaurant on 23rd and Kiesel Ave. called The Sonora Grill, very very good food!
      Also off the 12th street exit in Ogden, turn right going East to Jeremiah's (1307 W 12th street). Further East on 12th you will find the Timbermine by the Dinosaur Park (1701 Park Blvd) and the Greenery at Rainbow Gardens, both are not bad.
      Further North on I-15 take the Farr West Exit and right on the corner is Bella's (used to be called Melina's-same owners just changed the name in honor of their daughter who died).
      Further north in Perry (Part of Brigham area) on old highway is Maddox, good corn bread and fresh meat.
      In Brigham City on main street is Idle Isle famous for their candy, but have some good food too.
      Hope that helps, have fun!

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        Idle Isle does not serve food anymore, it's just a candy factory.

        1. re: rooney

          Sorry, this is incorrect. Idle Isle started out as a candy store/malt shoppe, then branched out to serve food. They did both until a few years ago in the same building. Now they serve food in the one building (the old original building), and across the street only make their famous homemade chocolates! Yum! Enjoy both places, we do! :)