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Aug 26, 2008 12:38 PM

Homestyle Japanese-not the fanchy sushi

I love Okonomiyaki, agedashitofu, Oden stew, etc... Is there a place that serves this kind of cuisine? It's so hard to find where I live, and I thought that while visiting Chicago... Arigato!

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    1. Not sure what your expectations are but Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights (10 or so minutes from O'Hare) has at least one food court option for okonomiyaki. There may be options for your other items there. Mitsuwa is a Japanese chain of megastores and their food court is actually pretty good (lots of Japanese customers there on the weekends).

      Here's a link to their food court vendors (click through and see what each has to offer):

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        Beautiful. Thank you. I appreciate it. I am looking forward to visiting Chicago for the first time (I currently live in Switzerland), for I have heard that the food is amazing. I'm going to check out Mitsuwa the moment I touch ground.

        1. re: Greeneggs1

          Just understand that it's a food court -- cafeteria style with no frills to speak of. Many of the booths have the Japanese plastic replicas of dishes they serve so you can see what you're getting (or a varaiation thereof). The grocery also makes sushi to go. It's by no means high cuisine, but very competent, fresh and reasonably priced. The store sells a variety of sushi grade fish and there's a sake/liquor store on premises as well.

          1. re: ferret

            Kitakata, right near Mitsuwa, could fit the bill and then you could explore Mitsuwa after lunch.