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Aug 26, 2008 12:32 PM

Let's Talk Bakeries in Tallahassee

Hi! I am a 21-year-old classically trained (at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY) pastry chef, newly relocated to Tallahassee for a hospitality degree. While I am getting at least a little bit of a grip on the area after a year of living here, a lot is still really hazy to me. The food scene is so elusive here!

Where do you go to get your baked goods--ranging from bread to pastries to special occasion cakes-- in Tally? I'd love to know...


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  1. There is not much of a food scene...Only local bakeries I know are Heidi's which has gone way down past few years, and Tasty Pastry off Timberlane. Much of Fresh Market's bakery goods are frozen. Other than that, Publix or a private baker. Say, why don't you open something?? There are so many of us bemoaning the Tallahassee food scene that I think you would have a built in clientele already!

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      Au Peche Mignon (I'm not sure about the spelling) in Market Square is the only "serious" bakery in town. They do wonderful French style cakes and individual desserts, croisants, brioche, etc. On Saturdays around noon they put out frsehly baked bread that is always great--but you never know what it will be--anything from baguettes to heartier whole grain stuff.

      They make really good coffee, too!

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        Hey! Well, actually, I am thinking of opening a place. And by thinking, I mean planning... : ) If all goes well, it will be up and running in October. I would LOVE a built-in clientele! Thanks for the input...It's good to get this info--although I know of the bakeries that exist, I don't really know which one people prefer.

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          my wife and i recall all of our trips by what and where we stop for coffee and baked goods. living in tally for 30 years has been difficult (culinary wise) so we would love a new bakery...please let me know when and where a new establishment will grace us and we'll be part of your built-in clientele.

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            So how is the planning process going? Are you closer to getting your own place up and running? I'd love get an update :)

        2. I tried Tasty pastry a few times but never saw what the fuss was about. There ae a couple of cake bakers in town (There's a tread on this board somewhere) including what a cake shop on John Knott Road that some people think is ran by the Soup Nazi's cousin. So far the best bread by far is my wife's round loaves made with coconut milk. they rarely last longer than a day and heaven help you if she gives loaves to neighbors before you have a slice, you'll miss out entirely, lol.

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            Yeah, I started to mention the John Knox cake baker, but did not know her name. Her shop is next to my barber shop. I always hear the same things about her attitude. And you are right on Tasty as well. Sorry I forgot Petite .

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              mmm What kind of loaves are made with coconut milk? That sounds amazing!

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                They're round, but that's the way she shapes them. I think she uses the coconut milk (whole can in a recipe for 3-4 loaves) as part, if not all the milk for the dough and adds a bit of coconut extract too. Can't give you the details as it's her "secret" ingredient. I'm sure a good baker can figure out the right mix.

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                1. I'll second steakman55. The FL panhandle is an empty abyss of Culinaria fraught with Waffle Houses and IHOPs galore. The closest thing I've found to a local bakery is the Panera Bread chain. (gag) They open at 630. What kind of "bakery" opens at 630?

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                    Where oh where do you plan to open?

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                      Drive down to Avenue Sea. The pastry chef is amazing. They are a restaurant, however she will do cakes and such to go. I had one of her wedding cakes and it was amazing. Rumor has it that they are packing up and movin' out. So act fast

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                        Where is Avenue Sea? Au Peche Mignon has very good French goodies and there is a country store up around Cario, Georgia that has cakes by order that have sixteen layers. Great chocolate and carmel. Very unusual, delicious and economical.

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                          wantto- I am a huge supporter of Ave Sea. And yes, unfortunately, you aren't misreporting. They are leaving the Gibson Inn. No word on where they will go. Sadly New Year's Eve will be the last night for their amazing food. For all of those Tally Chowhounds who still haven't made yourself a favor and don't go. If you do, you will all kick yourselves in the ass for not having made it earlier and making a trip to Apalach part of your life here in Tally.
                          Check out their website They have promised to post their next location on this site. Hopefully we will not lose them to a bigger area.
                          If we do it will be OUR loss. I still think it is hands down, the best food. A little bit of NY or San Fran right here in our backyard.