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Aug 26, 2008 12:17 PM

ISO inexpensive tuesday evening pre fixe menu around mid city/west hollywood/grove area

We are looking for a good tuesday night pre fixe in the mid wilshire, grove, west hollywood area. Needs to be inexpensive as it is for french friends of ours who work for air france on their layover for a couple nights in LA. They have been here many times and we have taken them to quite a few places that are more pricey. So we are looking for less expensive pre-fixe for tonight. We live in Wilshire/La Brea area. Close would be good but definitely not a deal breaker. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Too bad you don't live on the Westside. Joe's in Venice has a great prix fixe menu for a steal. You might consider venturing out. I will research and try to get back to you later today!

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      yes. we do love Joe's. But kinda wanted to stay near. Thanks though!

    2. Mimosa offers three courses for $33 or $39 with wine, every day.

      All' Angelo now has a prix fixe for $39, four course, plus $6 wine.

      Valentino is celebrating its 35th year this year with a $35 three course at V-vin bar.

      1. Okay, so the only rest. I could come up with in your area of choice is Porterhouse Bistro, onon Wilshire between Roberston & la Cienega. Never been, don't know if they're still open even!! Google them & find out!

        1. not a pre-fixe, but at Bella Cocina on Las Palmas all food is half-price on Tuesday nights!