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Aug 26, 2008 12:05 PM

Finger Lakes Weekend - please advise.

Planning a weekend trip in November, post Thanksgiving, and the Finger Lakes came up as an option as both of are head-over-heels into wine. We are interested in visiting artisinal wineries and will eat just about anything anywhere as long as it's quality (local, organic, thoughtful...). Any recommendations on how to make the most of a weekend stay in the Finger Lakes? Thoughts on accommodations would also be helpful, thanks!

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  1. there was a great article on the finger lakes in last friday's escape section of the ny times.....try to get it on line it was a fun read....sounds great. gorgeous region. have fun.

    1. Disregard that NY Times article - it focuses on just one lake, and even then leaves out what are the true jewels of the Finger Lakes, the wineries around Seneca and Keuka.

      This article from a few years back hits on a few of them, along with one of the best restaurants up there, Dano's.

      As for which wineries you should visit - it all depends on what you like. Reds? Try Miles, Fox Run, Lamoreau Landing and McGregor. Whites? Dr. Frank's, Bloomer Creek, and Anthony Road. A little of both? Hunt Country, Fulkerson and Atwater.

      Be aware, though, that the wineries and restaurants really slow down after Thanksgiving, so you might want to call ahead to make sure you won't arrive to a big "closed" sign.

      1. Definitely do Dr. Franks for whites and if you like reislings their semi-dry is phenomenal.

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          I second Dr. Franks. But one thing to consider: by November, the weather can be very iffy. I've been in Buffalo on Halloween when there was a foot of snow. It also starts to get dark by about 5-6 p.m. Those are two things to keep in mind, especially if you're going to drink.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            I agree. If you really want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes, and have a chance at some decent weather, I'd say to go anytime except November through March. During those 5 months, the sky is generally overcast, with a chance of snow showers each day. But it is a wonderful region with many wineries (usually cheap or free tastings) and good food. The wineries around Seneca are better than the ones around Cayuga, in my opinion.

        2. I don't know of a lot of great restaurants in the Finger Lakes region, but be sure to stop by the New York Wine & Culinary Center.

          Also, use the web sites for the Finger Lakes Wine Trails - it is an excellent way to get it all in perspective. (Here is a link, click on the "Wineries & Wine Trails" tab.

          For the Canandaigua Wine Trail:

          Cayuga Lake Wine Trail:

          Keuka Lake Wine Trail:

          Seneca Lake Wine Trail:

          We liked the Glenora Inn the one time we stayed there.

          And, yes, BEWARE THE WEATHER!

          Have fun!

          1. Hi - I usually just lurk here, but when I saw this topic I figured I would sign-up and reply as my wife and I go up to the Finger Lakes several times a year.

            Places to stay:
            We always stay at this bed and breakfast:

            The two we always hit when we go up there are:
            Danos Heuriger on Seneca (really unique
            Stonecat Cafe (all regional organic, a number of vegitarian and vegan options

            Well, we usually hit a bunch, but some of our favorites are:
            Seneca Lake:
            - Atwater (
            )- Leidenfrost (
            - Fox Run ( - their reserver Reisling just got a 93 by Winespectator
            - Damiani ( - some of the best reds
            - Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard (


            Keuka Lake:
            - Chateau Renaissance Wine Cellars ( - a ton of different champanges
            - McGregor Vineyard Winery ( - also some of the best reds
            - Ravines (


            Regarding the weather - it can be a little dicey, but they are usually a bit protected with the hills and the weather isn't as bad as in, say, Buffalo. Most of the wineries are open on the weekends year round, but if you are there during the week at that time you may want to call ahead.

            Hope this helps :-)