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Aug 26, 2008 11:54 AM

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Has anyone gone to this, and is it as good as it sounds?

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  1. we went to a garlic festival on the delaware river last year- awful! it was a big dumpy carnival type of thing with low quality crafts and long long lines- very little garlic theme- maybe some garlic jams and spreads and a couple of food vendors with some garlicky foods. skip it!

    1. I went a few years ago, wasn't motivated enough to return. As with yeshana's post--there was some shlocky stuff, and a lot of "midway" sort of attractions that seemed to stretch the garlic theme. Though I have to say I found a chocolatier with some great truffle "bites", although there was no garlic connection. It's a large and crowded midway-- then, at least when I went, there was a field behind that had growers and producers, where you could buy actual garlic and garlic based products. That was the nice part.
      A friend who used to go annually recently told me he quit 2 years ago because there were fewer and fewer producers, and more just mid-way cutesy stuff.
      If it's not too long a trip, I'd say try it one time.
      Just to add another garlic festival review--went to the Bennington VT one last fall & was really disappointed. And ended up buying garlic from a neighbor on my country road, who was selling there.

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        I went to the HVGF last year. Not bad, but there was curiously little garlic.

        1. re: Scott_R

          Really. little garlic? at a garlic festival????

          1. re: winston669

            it's a craft fair for home crafts(get some yarn and make dolls, etc), disguised as a garlic festival.

            1. re: yeshana

              I disagree on that assessment - or at least would have disagreed 2 years ago!. I did not attend last year (new baby) but had gone for the previous 3 years in a row. Yes there are crafts and various prepared take home foods (pestos, jams etc), but everytime I went there was a whole section of the festival that was just garlic farmers (at least 15 tables) selling a number of varieties of garlic. Maybe last year was different.

              1. re: Bloombee

                I went about 3 years ago and we enjoyed it. It was a nice day out and there was plenty of garlic and garlicky foods. It was mostly what I expected and I got the all important garlic necklace to ward off those evil vampires. So it was a good day all in all.

      2. It does have a ton of the "schlocky" stuff you find at all fairs but it also has some great homemade food products, garlic, shallots and other fall produce. The whole key is to ignore all the crafts and annoyances when you first get in and make your way to the back past the row of food stands. That is generally where all the farmers are set up. Check out Freebird farms for the best Spanish rioja i've seen anywhere in the northeast.

        1. Went last year - it was over crowded and not a lot of good garlic options. Just to get any food - not really garlic related took half an our. I would actually avoid the area due to all the extra traffic. We were told this last year and still had to find out for ourselves .
          Everyone there asks if you had the garlic ice cream yet.....

          1. We too thought there were not as many "garlic" options as promised. We are not motivated to return.