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Aug 26, 2008 11:39 AM

British Style

Hey Hounders,

went to British Style for fish and chips the other day. found the fish lacking flavour and (much to my chagrin...)the batter a bit too thick. altogether a tad disappointing, though the chips were fine. it was my first time there as it is a long ways from where I live and I noticed that the owner 'Ali' was not there (I have my info correct, he IS the owner and the man with the plan, right?) what is going on? will it pay to go back when he is around?

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  1. Didn't Ali sell British F&C a coupla years back?

    1. Yeah, it's the closest place to my house and I've noticed a slight dip in quality since Ali sold it. Soggy chips.

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      1. re: currycue

        oh, I see. so I am out of step indeed. oh well, thanks for lettin us know

        1. re: shekamoo

          Try Reliable, further west on Queen(near Carlaw) and see what you think of theirs.

          1. re: Wiley

            Reliable is consistently good and has become my favorite.

            1. re: rsvp7777

              The problem I've found with British Style is that they are now overcooking the fish and drying it out. But I still think it's better than Reliable.

          2. re: shekamoo

            I understand Ali's hoping to open up on the Danforth near Coxwell, under a different name.

        2. Oh by the way, I am not sure that they are allowed to serve fish and chips in newspaper anymore :)

          However I think Black Cat fish and chips on Ave. Rd still does this, but don't go there, what a disaster, I think the fish they use has been frozen for more than ten years...

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          1. re: abscissa

            OMG, went to Black Cat once shortly after moving into the area. Ugh, what an awful puck of fried fish.