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Aug 26, 2008 11:36 AM

village idiot burger

we stopped by after a concert at the greek. they serve food until 1am which was nice. my hubby and i each orderd the their pub burger. burgers were cooked perfectly medium. the smoked cheddar had a great hickory flavor and the buns were soft but didn't fall apart. only problem was the fries. while cooked well, they were salt encrusted and almost inedible. they place is a bit loud but it is a pub. next up is 8 oz.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Saving you from googling (see link)
      I agree, a very decent pub-style burger if an often deafening environment!

      Village Idiot
      7383 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

    2. I agree with you on the saltiness of the fries. They tend to overdo it there. I had a romaine salad with capers and the salt was overwhelming; I couldn't taste anything else. However, the burger is very good and satisfying (having recently had a Bowery burger, nothing is really coming close lately). We just moved within walking distance and I find myself popping in here mid-shopping for a beer or a snack.

      The service is excellent; the proprietors and the bar staff are very polite.

      1. Their burger is one of my favs. Their roast pork sandwich is also very good. A must have is their brussel sprouts with bacon - delish.

        1. Like the place, but last time I was there the burger was just dead, way overcooked and tasteless. I would never go back for that...maybe the other dishes.
          The sprouts were very very good.

          1. My love of The Village Idiot burger took a serious nose dive after last night's visit. This is the third time I've ordered their very good burger (always cooked perfectly to order; lots of good cheese options -- including manchego) but after my first two attempts I thought, "Hey, that onion relish they serve with it is good, but what it really needs is a nice tomato, too." So I asked the waitress if I could add a slice of tomato. "No, unfortunately not," she replied. "The chef has this thing about them." I thought she was kidding. What "thing" could he have against tomatoes, I inquired, especially since this very night he was offering an heirloom tomato salad as a special? "He just won't do it," she answered. I was absolutely, completely flummoxed, and STILL can't decide if it was the waitress who deserved to be fired or the chef. So instead of walking out, I ordered the heirloom tomato salad AND the burger, and then put the tomatoes on the burger myself. Sheesh.

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            1. re: deetjen

              That is weird. I think I might nut up and walk out if I was told that.

              1. re: deetjen

                Is the burger at all customizable in any other ways? I'm just wondering if it's the tomato, or he doesn't like his burger formula being messed with. Kinda like another fellow I'm thinking of whose anti-ketchup.