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Aug 26, 2008 11:34 AM

Any suggestions on what to do with extra chicken parts?

I am not used to dealing with a whole chicken. I was raised already cut chicken, that did not have the gizzards and such included. Anyway, I'm doing some fried chicken, tonight. The chicken that I bought was already cut up, but it included everything. So I have the neckbone, and a thing that looks like the liver, and some other stuff that has meat on it. I know, it must be funny that I don't know the names of this stuff, but I am totally clueless.

So, are there any recipes for using this stuff? Any suggestions are appreciated. The things are sitting in a baggy in my fridge, and probably won't last past tomorrow.

Thanks, a bunch!

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  1. Bones work well for broth. As for things like livers and such, you could fry them up as well if you wanted.

    1. The thing with two lobes is the gizzard. For only 1-2, I will saute them. The messy blob is the liver, also saute. The pointy red thing is the heart, dog gets that.

      If I am making a stuffing/dressing, the gizzard gets simmered in the stock, then diced.

      The thing that looks like a skinned snake is the neck, used in stock, I like to roast them and nibble on them.

      The rectangular piece that is mostly bone and skin is the back, used in stock.

      The pointy skin covered thing is the "tail", roast and nibble.

      1. Definately stock! Toss bones (neck, back, lower joint of wing) into a pot and add rough cut celery, carrots, onion, and a bay leaf (or just about any veggie looking sad in the refer). Cover with water and simmer for a 2-3 hours. Beats any stock in a can and can be made into soup (add noddles or rice).

        You might also want to buy whole chickens in the future - they are cheaper, less man-handled, less likely of contaminates, and often better tasting. With practice you can part a chicken in 5 mins. I like the breast cut slightly differently then what you get in the meat dept (chick breasts are soooo big now).

        As for the parts - the heart and gizzard can go diced into a stuffing or gravy (use the stock you made with the parts). I'm not a fan of the glob (liver) but some people like it fried.

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            Ah, "Lizards and Gizzards," a childhood favorite. Mom would buy separate containers of chicken livers, gizzards, and heart. She battered and fried them. She and Dad and I loved this meal, but my two brothers would arrange to eat elsewhere.