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Aug 26, 2008 11:20 AM

Lansing, MI To Flint or Frankenmuth

I have family coming up for Labor Day Weekend that has seen all the billboards for Bronner's and want to check it out. Any good recommendations for dinner in either the Flint or Frankenmuth area? Here's the problem, no one really likes German food and the Chicken dinners all look pretty expensive.

We're pretty safe with pubs (I've found Sullivan's in Frankenmuth that looks good), family restaurants, or pizza places. Would like to stay away from the touristy places, but if the foods good, we'll try it.

I'm definately open to places in Flint too. Never been there so know nothing about the local dining scene. Anything between Lansing and Flint? Could always use a lunch stop along the way.


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  1. If it helps at all I find the chicken dinners to be vastly overrated. I've had better chicken. Unfortunately most of my Flint area dining is on the fly so chain restaurants etc. So I don't have a great recommendation for you. But you aren't missing anything skipping Zender's chicken dinners imo. I've heard the German place down the road is good but you mentioned not caring for German food. There is a brewery restaurant there in Frankenmuth as well but I haven't tried it yet.

    1. Hit the Big Eazy in Flint for New Orleans food, Corunna Rd. a few miles west of I-75 on the left (going west).

      I see on the website that the same company runs a couple of pubs. I haven't been there, but they could also be good.

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        There are a few restaurants on Corunna for sure. Ate sushi out there that wasn't bad. Can't recall the restaurant name though.

      2. If you've never been to Frankenmuth, you simply must go. Soaking in the atmosphere of the city, itself, is worth the trip.

        I was born and raised in Flint (living now in Georgia), and I've been taking trips to Farnkenmuth for over fifty years. Yes, the chicken dinners are expensive--but, the family-style dinner is "all-you-can-eat.

        However, I suggest you try Z-chef's Cafe. It is located in the lower level of Zehnder's restaurant. The are many choices, from chicken dinners, to pizza, to custom made sandwiches (one day I'm going to try the Monte Cristo--it really looks good), salads, and much more. There's something for everybody, and the prices are very reasonable. I'd be really surprised if you didn't enjoy the experience.

        Here's a link to Z-chef's cafe:


        Randy Gearhart

        1. I love the chicken dinners in Frankenmuth. Zehnders/Bavarian Inn were an annual summer tradition growing up in MI. Now that I live in AZ, I really miss it. It's not traditional German food at all. I highly recommend it. You get a lot of good food for the $$.

          Salvatore Scalloppini is a good choice for yummy and very reasonably priced Italian food in Flint.

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            Frankenmuth is simply awful. The "all you can eat" dinners are chicken cut up to maximize the number of pieces that you get out of a chicken, and the side dishes are filler. The emphasis is on quantity, not quality. Go, by all means, but this is a tourist experience, not a dining experience.

            There is a fun brew pub called the Redwood Lodge just off U.S. 23/I-69. I had to be in Flint on business and we ate there almost every night. Many choices, big portions, and the beer isn't bad.


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              I knew it was going to be a tourist experience...I was just hoping there was something hidden somewhere that wasn't touristy. We're going to do the tourist thing and if that's what dinner turns out to be, oh well. Not ideal, but sometimes you just have to.

              Thanks for the suggestions.

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                Maybe I had bad luck but just the weekend before last I had the opportunity to eat at Redwood Lodge for the first time.

                The Artichoke app albeit same as most restaurants was pretty good I liked that they served it with bread instead of tortilla chips like most chains.

                Salad a little cherry heavy was good.

                The main I ordered was Paella. I had a few problems with the Paella.
                Supposed to have clams - no clams in my dish at all

                Supposed to have lobster - had 2 not so big chunks of fishy tasting claw meat

                The sausage in it was Italian sausage like you would find on a pizza rather than a Spanish chorizo or something like it.

                The worst part is every protein in the dish was wayyyyy over cooked. It also had squash in it which wasn't stated on the menu and I hate squash.

                Not sure if they make their own deserts or have them brought in but the molten cake was awesome.

                However the service was great. I really liked our waiter and we didn't have the biggest party but we had 2 babies and 7 solid food eaters. The atmosphere was nice as well it's a nice space and decor fits the area and the restaurant. I just wish my main was as good as I was hoping it was going to be.

            2. I had a wonderful lunch in Flint a couple years ago at a middle-Eastern place just easterly off I-75 on Corunna Rd. called Badawest. The real deal, and therefore a real find because FLint can be pretty grim.