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Aug 26, 2008 11:00 AM

supermarket olives

Unfortunately the super market I usually go to doesn't have loose olives. Usually I go to Whole Foods or the nearby Middle Eastern market for my olives, but some weeks I don't have time to make the extra trip.

Any recommendations on a brand of canned olives? I primarily eat them in salads, with breakfast (with some feta, yum), or in pasta. I haven't had a good experience with canned olives in the past, but I figure it's worth another shot.

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  1. It seems to me there are Greek olives that come in glass jars in the grocery store. But since olives keep a long time, why not just stock up for a couple weeks' worth when you get to your regular place.

    1. Can't recommend a brand since I haven't used canned olives in forever but, if you are in a pinch, take the olives, rinse, add a good olive oil, and garlic. Let set overnight and can be used for a while. Also good in the marinade are lemon chunks, peppers (I like hot), or fennel seed.

      I agree with the other poster though - stock up.

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        Garlic in olive oil is NOT a food safe practice (botulism risk).

        One of my cookbooks recommends storing olives in olive oil. That authors point is that it makes blah olive oil taste more olive-y, and preserves the olives. They'll get soft but they're still edible and good as a seasoning.

        1. re: Vetter

          Shouldn't be a problem if stored in the ref and used within a week or two,

          1. re: alwayscooking

            I've never seen this suggested for anything over a week, and that's if it's kept in the fridge. It's easy enough to throw in fresh garlic when you're ready to eat something.

            But I eat raw oysters and drink raw milk, so I guess to each their own risks. I'll take e.coli over botulism, though.

      2. Don't know what part of the country you are in, but if you find Graber's Olives, try them! They are from Ontario, California (and sell from their website too). Also, Santa Barbara Olive Company distributes their olives to some supermarkets. Don't know how widely.

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          Most of the canned olives are comparably different to the ones marinated in oil and sold loosely so its hard to substitute one for the other.
          The only ones that are similar are the black kalamata olives found in jars. Otherwise, in the cans, expect the "pizza" style olives, which are a guilty pleasure of mine, but very different in flavour.

        2. I like Trader Joe's Kalamata olives (in jars). Lately it seems that the olive-bar olives (even from WF) are very salty to my taste, and often bruised.