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Aug 26, 2008 10:36 AM

Butcher near New Canaan/Stamford?

Can anyone recommend a butcher in the area?

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  1. Believe it or not, I've had great luck at Shop Rite in Commerce Park (Right near exit 6 on 95). It is definitely not your typical supermarket meat case. They break up primal cuts in store, cut to order, and have a wide range of stuff; aside fromt the usual steaks, roasts, porke, lamb, etc, they carry items as diverse as rabbit, venison, bison, and nasty bits like chicken feet, hog maws, tripe, brains, etc...pretty much anything you'd expect in a large dedicated butcher shop in and area that mixes ethnic and upscale.

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    1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

      Are their meats prime and dry aged?

      1. re: stevel

        Some of it is minimally dry aged (spends a limited amount of time in case outside cryovac, but we are talking about a few days, not weeks.) If you are looking for Lobel's/Luger levels of aging, I would say not only do they not have it, no one I know of in the area does--maybe the place in Greenwich that was opened by the guys who used to run Manero's)

        For beef, they sell certified Angus, some of which is prime, some of it which is "natural" grade, which Tab, the butcher there tells me is roughly between prime and choice. I will tell you their meat is excellent, though.

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          Looking for 28+ dry aged meat. I usuall go to Food Emporium in New Canaan, just very expensive!

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            The only place I can think of that might have it (and it won't be cheap is Greenwich Prime Meats.

            See this thread:

    2. Stevel is correct. the food emporium in NC has a dry aging fridge in the butcher section. The best non-aged is in Scotts Corner Market just over the border in pound ridge on route 124. and they have butchers on sote for you. one that gets mentioned rarely is Zeytenia on route 7 in Wilton. jfood has found this hit or miss on the quality, one week really good the next just OK. only beef though.

      1. I wound up ordering from online from Bryan Flannery online. Bryan's a great guy with incredible food. Very expensive though but worth the splurge!

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          if you head over the Westchester border (not as close as your computer though), Crisfield's Meat Market in Rye is great.

        2. You might take another look at Walter Stewart's--they have a new serious butcher there--pricey, yes, but with the price of gas it could save you money as well as time.
          And, for excellent service and meats (lesser priced) it's hard to beat the ShopRite on Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk. Their butchers know what they're doing--and again, the variety of ethnic clientele makes it interesting in terms of variety. I've gotten great advice from little old Italian ladies who shop there!

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            That is great news if true since there were many times when jfood would buy meats and poultry at WS and it was rancid and jfood had to either return or throw out. Where does the butcher sell from? Is the deli smaller or somewhere else. Jfood would like a reason to go back since he loves their meatloaf on a sandwich, but with no fresh fish and bad experiences with meat, it's a tough putt.

            Thanks for the head's up on your intitial post and welcome to CH.

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