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Aug 26, 2008 10:33 AM

Sandwiches? (Not po-boys)

I'm looking for good sandwiches that aren't made with french bread. Any suggestions?

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  1. Stein's Market on Magazine

    1. Martin's Wine Cellar, Stein's, Cafe Rani, the old chef from Fire opened a place down in the CBD called the Market or something?

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      1. re: mikek

        It's called the Store, and it's a great little lunch place.

      2. Il Posto 4607 Dryades
        Martin Wine Cellar (two locations)
        Back to the Garden on Howard and Baronne
        Cafe Rani on Magazine
        Croissant d'Or on Ursuline
        St. James Cheese on Prytania

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        1. re: edible complex

          ooh, yeah--great sandwiches at St. James Cheese. I also like the sandwiches at Refuel on Hampson, and the carnitas torta from the taco truck in the parking lot of the washeteria at Claiborne & Eagle St, just across from the drinking water treatment plant.

          1. re: edible complex

            Whats up with Back to the Garden? I've driven by, but I've never heard anything from someone that has eaten there.

            1. re: gillsnthrills

              I have them deliver sometimes. I love their tuna club and side salad with honey French dressing. Hubby used to like the turkey burger. They have (had?) good tacos too but I have not had them in ages.

                1. re: StBernardGirl

                  I'd recommend The Grocery on St. Charles near Washington during weekday lunches.
                  Steins has a yummy Reuben (so says my boyfriend) and I really enjoy their Fernando or the Kelley.

            2. cake cafe and bakery makes really great sandwiches and they bake their own bread too. (no french at all!) the grilled crab sandwich with brie bacon and spinach is dreamy. it's in the marigny on charters and spain. also, mona lisa's makes some pretty hearty subs, also on their own bread...nothing over the top original but honest and straightforward.