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Aug 26, 2008 10:15 AM

Buying Oysters in Chinatown

Generally, I am never ever fearful of buying seafood in chinatown--for the most part, everything I have ever bought from the markets has been cheap, well-handled and good...

Recently, however, I finally slurped an oyster down my gullet and am completely addicted... and I worry that since everyone seems to have had an "I got sick off an oyster story" if I should just look elsewhere.

Has anyone bought fresh oysters from the markets in Chinatown? Good/Bad? Should I/Shouldn't I? Any advice is appreciated.

Note: I tend to favor the shop on the corner of Mulberry and Canal.

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  1. Hi Everyone, Please stick to your favoarite spots for buying oysters in Chinatown. Discussion of the general safety of eating raw oysters is best on the General Chowhounding board. Thanks!

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Aha, well--anyone have any stories about how delicious or, erm, not delicious their chinatown oysters were?

    2. Didn't get any feedback, so went ahead and did it. I do NOT recommend.

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      1. re: likaluca

        Sorry to hear that you didnt' like it. I think Chinese generally steam the oysters in shells so probably not a good idea to eat them raw. I hope you didnt' get sick...

        1. re: bearmi

          Definitely didn't get sick! But not yum.