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Aug 26, 2008 10:11 AM

Taco Bell-Chili Cheese Burrito?

Ok ok I know a lot of people DON'T consider Taco Bell real food, but I'm a midwestern girl and I have to admit that this is a guilty pleasure of mine. Does anyone know if any LA area Taco Bells have chili cheese burritos? I haven't seen 'em and they're my favorite. It's an optional menu item.

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    1. re: janetms383

      THANK YOU! OMG I didn't know there were "others" out there like me!
      ha ha ha, looks like the closest one is Passadena...

      1. re: carly_mizzou

        Now that I know there is a whole website devoted to the Chilli Cheese Burrito, I will have to try one since there is a Taco Bell in Costa Mesa that serves them and is close to me

        1. re: carly_mizzou

          The information here is very old. I can tell you that the North Lake Ave location has closed.

      2. I don't know about the chilicheese..but I have found that you can always ask and they may make it for you. I know for a number of years they didn't list the enchirito on their menus, but I could always get one. Taco bell is a guilty habit of mine as well.

        1. Carly, I'm also a missouri transplant -- welcome to L.A. and hope Mizzou does great this year. I won't go into a plug for all of the great local taquerias that serve real food at great prices, but I will give you two recommendations: As for chain Mexican, Del Taco is way better than Taco Bell. They are a bit harder to find, but the flavors are deeper, the meat is more generous, their salsa packets are tastier, and they are just a clear step above. Also, since you have found this board, you have to try Tito's Tacos at least once so you know what the love-hate responses are all about. Tito's is just off the 405 San Diego freeway in lower W.L.A. on the west side of Sepulveda at Washington. Very popular, crowded lot, long lines (but they move fast) and try the crunchy tacos with shredded beef, the burritos, the tamales, the enchiladas.

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          1. re: nosh

            Hey Nosh, thanks for the recommendations, but done and done. I like Del Taco too, but there's just something about Taco Bell, and I used to catch the bus right outside of Titos. I loved 'em 'cause I ride a bike and they packed everything neatly into a box that fit perfectly into my backpack.

            On a side note, Paco's Taco's on Centinella right down from Tito's is my favorite Mexican food. They make the tortillas right when you place your order.

          2. Hi Carly,

            As a non-midwesterner native Los Angeleno, I openly admit that I, too, have a guilty pleasure in Taco Bell. I love me my authentic taco stand/taqueria Mexican places, but for some reason Taco Bell resonates deep within my junky soul. I don't eat it often, but when I do, I'm in a secret heaven. So I just wanted to let you know you are hardly alone in that sentiment, even here on Chowhound.

            1. What about the Bell Beefer with cheese, I know you can get it at the TB on Peck Rd in ElMonte, anywhere else?