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Aug 26, 2008 09:37 AM

Where do you buy your kitchen supplies?


Hi all.. I'm looking to add some new goodies for the kitchen and local stores have a pretty limited selection of higher quality stuff.. at least that isn't really overpriced (i.e Williams and Sonoma). I use ebay when i can but that don't always have what I'm looking for. I found a bunch of sites on google but some personal recommendation are always a plus! Thanks in advance!


  1. I've found remainder stores like Marshall's are good for marked-down Calphalon, Henckels, Le Creuset and the like. You have to carefully inspect items, though, and sometimes odd colors predominate! Patience can be well rewarded, though...

    1. Restaurant supply stores are a really good source for utility equipment at good prices. I buy 1/2 sheets, pans, whisks, spatulas, etcetc at the local store in Lowell, MA.. If you're looking for brand names (Calphalon, etc.) you won't find them there. But if you're looking for solidly made (rolled edges, etc) items that restaurants use daily, these stores are best.

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