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Where do you buy your kitchen supplies?

Hi all.. I'm looking to add some new goodies for the kitchen and local stores have a pretty limited selection of higher quality stuff.. at least that isn't really overpriced (i.e Williams and Sonoma). I use ebay when i can but that don't always have what I'm looking for. I found a bunch of sites on google but some personal recommendation are always a plus! Thanks in advance!


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  1. What kind of kitchen supplies are you looking for? I tend to buy things on Amazon cause they usually have very good prices. Course, with things like knives and such, you wanna get a more hands on approach. While you say places like Williams Sonoma is overpriced, what they charge is about the same you can find for new stuff on the internet. Most of thier stock doesn't go on sale anywhere. If you want a more complete kitchen store, perhaps you have a Sur la Table around?

    In the end, I still stick with Amazon. Best selection, pretty good prices, you just don't get to touch it till you pay for it.

    1. Restaurant supply stores(the same items I cooked with in restaurants for years, easily hold up to home kitchen use.

      I avoid Williams & Sonoma, Sur La Table, and other overpriced places like that. I dont purchase anything over the internet, I want to see touch the items I buy, not rely on sometimes less than scrupulous sellers.

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        I either shop at restaurant supply houses or Bed Bath and Beyond. Ive purchased specialty items at Sur LaTable but it was a rush situation that I didn't have time for shipping.

        J.B.Prince or Bridge are my preferred internet retailers, although Knife Merchant and Cutlery.com are both very good.

      2. I've bought quite a few things from WS this summer. They have had some great clearance sale items. I also shop BB&B quite a bit. Restaurant supplies can be excellent if you know your prices and have specific items that you are looking for. On a lot of items they are higher in price than you can find elsewhere. I'm not a big fan of Sur La Table, they can be really much higher than WS and usually the customer service is lacking especially if you aren't female. My wife and I shop together and they fawn over her until she points to me and says "He does the cooking" and they avoid me like the plaque.

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            I don't know where you are, but I've gotten no such attitude from either of the Sur le Table stores I go to in the LA area (Pasadena and The Grove). I've found the people at both places to be very helpful, and willing to go rooting around for even the cheapest items. I do NOT buy pots or pans there, but they're a great source for such odds and ends as good cheesecloth and larding needles.

            Most of my serious kitchenware has come from flea markets and antique malls. This includes all my cast iron (except for one Dutch oven and my big Lodge grill pan), all but one piece of enamelled iron, and all of my Magnalite pans. The tinned copper pieces were all from yard sales!

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              Wow... that's one big generalization you have there. Truth be told, WS and SLT are rather different, even down to the major cookware and knife lines they carry. Sure they both have All-Clad, but WS have the brush stainless, LTd2 and copper-core in stores; whereas slt has Stainless, MC2 and some copper-core. The Le Creuset colors are different, SLT has Staub, iron handle Mauviel, etc. Sorry you had a bad experience at SLT, but I do ask to see some solid examples of where SLT can be "much higher" than WS.

            2. I buy most of my kitchen supplies on Amazon. Usually it's something I'm already familiar with, I've done my research and I'm sure it's what I want. I also track the prices of most items on Amazon for a while before making a purchase. Prices on Amazon change all the time so it really pays.

              I have also found a ton of great stuff at Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Home Goods stores. I have found very high quality kitchen equipment - sometimes the exact same thing being sold at WS or a similar store - for a fraction of the price.

              I also buy a few things on ebay - I have been able to find some fantastic things I couldn't find anywhere else.

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                I have also done well at Home Goods, etc. I'd like to add Tuesday Mornings to the list - I have my best luck there. The thing with that type of store is you have to check them frequently and be prepared to buy it when you see it.

                If I am looking for a specific item that I need soon, then I have better luck at restaurant supply stores, BB & B, or on line.

                With shipping rates increasing I am starting to find that I am doing better locally with greater frequency.

                I have found fantastic copper pieces, cast iron and quality pots/pans at thrift stores and estate sales. Again, just have to be patient and able to spot the gems hidden under the junk...but I enjoy the search!

              2. I like MetroKitchen.com. I bought my All Clad SS set and a new Staub dutch oven there recently when I made the decision to replace my decade-old Calphalon anodized set. I got a great price on the All Clad set I bought and the shipping is free on orders of more than $49. I also saved a bundle on sales tax - which I would have had to pay had I ordered from Amazon.com or Williams Sonoma. (MetroKitchen ships from Georgia, so no sales tax for me in CA.) Their service was excellent and I had my pots and pans in hand in less than a week.

                1. Flourgirl's selections are my usual places currently. Since I've always been picky I try to identify the best of class gadget, then find out where to buy it.
                  For throwaway items or ones that I just want to test, I head for 99CentsOnly. Of course, I can't not visit since there are four stores within ~2 miles of me. Recently 99CO was the Only place I found that stocked cheesecloth in small amounts or that wasn't very overpriced. Caveat emptor!

                  1. There's a divide between those who want good-quality stuff and those who want expensive good-quality stuff. I have wasted money on gourmet-store gear in the past, and now just buy from restaurant supply places. I've had good results with mail-order from sSrfas.

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                      Thanks for all the suggestions! Made me realize that theres a restaurant supply store less than 15 minutes away from me that I always seem to forget about! I'll have to stop by after the holiday weekend and pick up some stuff. Also never realized how much stuff Amazon really does have!

                    2. fantes.com <-- local for me, and a clunky website, but excellent products, fair prices and great service

                      1. For me:

                        1) Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross -- great stuff -- great prices... but, you just have to hit on a "lucky day".

                        2) Thrift Stores/Garage Sales (I've found all sorts of great stuff -- last find was a new, still in the box, italian made pasta maker for $5).

                        3) Amazon.com

                        I think I have pretty much everything I think I need -- and more -- so now I'm at the "it has to be an amazing bargain" and do something I can't do now or do it easier for me to be interested.

                        1. I buy most of my stuff at thrift shops, university surplus, Ebay, & occasional garage sales. I do try to make it to BB&B when I can- between the $5 off on a $15 dollar purchase & their mark down rack, I've added a lot of things I wouldn't been able to afford. For example, I bought an end cut butcher block for a little over $12 (normally price around $75) because it had a slight separation along one edge. I got it home, and before I got around to calling the manufacture to ask what they would have recommended, it pretty much healed its self.

                          I've also found some great items at thrift shops, including a Cuisinart DCL10 with all its standard attachments for $2.50. Then a few months later, I found a Cuisinart DCL-8 with everything, including the pasta making attachment, for $10. My greatest find so far this year was a VitaMix 5000/Total Nutrition Center for $10 on Ebay, all because the seller never mentioned it was a VitaMix, listing it as a "Total Nutrition Center".