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Aug 26, 2008 09:18 AM

Dallas to San Antonio + Riverwalk

Going to San Antonio this weekend, staying on the Riverwalk. Looking for suggestions for places to eat on the way there and back. Which barbeque places are not too far off the route that we should not miss? Also in San Antonio, we are staying in a hotel on the Riverwalk. Are there any places that are musts ( Mexican or other ) either near the Riverwalk or near downtown? We will have our four year old son with us, so nothing too upscale, just looking for some great food. We will be there three days, so looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner recs. Thanks.

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  1. Great food and four year olds can be a tough combo. I'd avoid the riverwalk for dinner and go to southtown, about two or three block south of the riverwalk. El Mirador is one of the best Mexican restaurants in town and Rosario's is just aound the corner. Just north of downtown is Liberty Bar, a very good spot depending on your childs patience.
    If you're going to stay on the river for dinner, Boudro's is the best "Riverwalk" restaurant but you'll no doubt learn why locals don"t eat on the river.

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