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Aug 26, 2008 08:48 AM

Dinner with jewish friends

On Friday, I'll be meeting up with old friend who keep kosher. On the road, they don't demand certified kosher restaurants but they do follow the rules--no pork, no shellfish, no meat and milk. I'd love to take them to Hungry Mother but that temple of pork and buttermilk is clearly out of the question. Where can I take my friends?

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  1. any place where they can order fish (not shellfish) is always a good choice.

    1. Most restaurants in Boston meet that criteria. Even at Hungry Mother you could start with a salad and eat the amazing French Gnocchi or steak as a main.

      Also, with regard to the title of your post, supposedly only about 15% of jews keep kosher.

      1. Will this be lunch or dinner? I'm guessing that if they are serious enough to keep kosher, a late Fri dinner wouldn't be happening. However, if it is dinner, I'd look at Oleana for the veg options, or think of a good fish place. Blue Room could work, and you could drink at HM first.

        1. I love HM, but about half of their food is cooked with pork, and it's no fun to have to eliminate half your choices at first glance.
          I would go to Upstairs on the Square, Oleana, or Garden at the Cellar. All great food, none are heavily pork or shellfish or dairy based.

          1. If they don't need a kosher restaurant, then they can find options at any Boston restaurant. You may want to steer clear of seafood or pork specific restaurants. If you could tell us a bit more about the cuisine you'd like to steer them towards, that would be helpful.