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Aug 26, 2008 08:44 AM

Piccolo Sogno

Anyone eaten there yet? The garden was always so nice when it was Timo............

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  1. Hi Mousse,

    I've dined at Piccolo Sogno about 8 times now, both with friends and clients. With one or two exceptions, everything has been fabulous. The room is lovely, the staff knows what they are talking about and any place that has glasses of wine starting at $4.00 per has to be great.

    Try the nightly antipasto with freshly hand shaved prosciutto and a melange of fresh vegetables grilled to perfection. The olive oil placed on the tables is first cold press and has a nice peppery taste. The tiny bottle of balsamic vinegar is rich and well aged, not the garbage most restaurants offer.

    Pizzas are fun and creative without being ridiculous combinations of things which don't match. Pasta is beautifully prepared, cooked to a perfect al dente and executed with care. The only thing I've ever had that I did not love were the spinach and ricotta gnocchi. A bit bland and flavorless, but not horrid.

    Portions are perfect for sharing, but not too large to eat on one's own. I generally share two or three items with another person and it is always just the right amount.

    Piccolo Sogno is the closest thing to dining in Italy without the airfare! I am thrilled to recommend it and am in fact dining there tonight!