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Aug 26, 2008 08:40 AM

downtown LA i need HELP!!!

Where's a good place to get brunch out here? Or a good lunch? I'm vegetarian but my mom isn't so it doesn't have to be a vegetarian restaurant but just be veggie friendly. Thanks

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  1. Pete's Cafe, Tranquility Base, or Cafe Metropol would all be good choices.

    1. Not much brunch on weekdays, if that's when you're looking.
      Liberty Grill has some vegetarian items, as do Pinot Bistro, Zucca and Bella Cuccina; Gil's always has some vegetarian Indian, though it's hardly very atmospheric. Colori, maybe?

      1. Shojin - Japanese vegetarian fare - it's in the mall with Mistsuwa Market in Little Tokyo.

        I found it to be really tasty, even for a carnivore like me.

        333 S. Alameda, 3rd floor

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          Wow, I didn't know this place existed. I really enjoy food like this, especially seitan...definitely going to try it.

        2. Maybe Engine Co # 28. Solid lunch place, and my favorite thing that I've ordered there was their $20 vegetable platter (which sounds kind of boring but was good).

          A more interesting choice would be Bar B Kosher, an Israeli place on 9th--maybe the cross street is Main or around there. You could get a falafel plate. The portions are absolutely enormous.

          Or try Banquette Cafe. The avocado toast there is to die for. Seriously--it's so, so good (if you like avocado).