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Aug 26, 2008 08:09 AM

Pizza and Ice Cream in Bar Harbor

Can you recommend the absolute best pizza joints and ice cream parlors in the Bar Harbor area?

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  1. Rosalie's Pizza on Cottage Street is very good. The Sicilian Pizza appetizer at La Bella Vita, off the lobby of the Harborside Hotel, is excellent.

    The best ice cream in town is MDI Ice Cream on the small street that is off of Main Street and along the north side of The Village Green. They make their own ice cream in very interesting flavors. My favorite is the one with broken Oreos. Yum.

    There is also Ben'n'Bill's ice cream on Main Street which is pretty good. And there is also Reel Pizza where you can watch a movie and eat a pizza.

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    1. re: bonniemaev

      I agree except for Rosalies. I work next door and prefer hunger. Reel Pizza is ok, but there is no great pizza in BH, try Geddy's? the ice cream recs are spot on.
      Jersey Pizza Boy

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        Do you like Pat's? We thought it was pretty good. It was better that Fellini's.

        1. re: Alica

          Yes, we usually get Pats for take-out, not as good as the flagship in Orono though. We prefer Finelli's as real NYC style pizza. It doesn't travel well though and is expensive, but is a quality product. Hand spun dough, sauce and cheeses are made in house. I grew up outside NYC and it's spoiled me for NJ pizza when we visit my mom. Great beer selection too.
          Getty's pizza in BH may be the best choice. This may sound odd, but The Top of the Island gas station and convenience store makes makes a decent pie. I told the cook earlier this week, when I popped in for a slice on the way to work, that I thought it was better than Rosalies and she replied that others have said that. They cook a lot of pizzas for the 3 surrounding camp grounds, motels and the local elementary school.

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            Where is Getty's? We are heading your way in a few weeks.

            1. re: Alica

              It's spelled Geddy's and it is a half block up from the water on Main Street. It's a bar with everything from whole lobster, through burgers, to brick oven pizza.

            2. re: Passadumkeg

              How's the pizza at LIttle Notch Bakery in Southwest Harbor? It's probably pricey, too. Their sandwiches are great, but I've not tried the pizza. I've heard it's good and it looks good.

              1. re: BikeToEat

                Little Notch Bakery pizza is excellent, but a little pricey.