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Aug 26, 2008 07:55 AM

Piri Piri

Hello, does anyone know if I can find either the spice or the sauce in town? I was thinking of trying to replicate some Portuguese grilled chicken at home.

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    1. re: carswell

      Much obliged! Didn't think of expanding the search for Portuguese.

      1. re: rillettes

        For a quick fix, you can buy Nando's branded marinades in a lot of grocery and gourmet stores.

        Nando's is a South-African chain that specialises in Portuguese chicken. I've tried some of their hot sauces and they were surprisingly good.

    2. Update: Found some Peri-Peri sauce at Douceurs du Marché yesterday. At $8 for a Tabasco-sized bottle format, it's a bit expensive, but there you go.
      It's from a company called Galito's, and comes in your choice of spiciness.

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      1. re: rillettes

        FYI, Galito's is also a South-African Portuguese chicken chain that was started up by a former Nando's franchisee. I'd be curious to see how the two compare.

      2. I didn't know if you have Loblaws in Montreal but it seems you do, just not the "superstores" but either way President's Choice now makes a Piri Piri, I was at the St.Lawrence market the other day and trying to choose from a few brands (including nando's, mama's and others) but decided to try the PC one at the local loblaws because of the huge amount of good reviews and surprisingly it was very good!!!

        I put it on grouper and it was very yummy!

        1. I've been to Janos, a very decent portugese grill restaurant, but it just so happens that their piri-piri is incredible. If you ask, they will let will let you take some to go. I put this stuff on everything!!

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