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Nut-free Bakeries

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Hi hounds,

I'm allergic to peanuts and pretty much all other nuts (seeds are okay).

I figured I would eventually get around to asking this. I'm looking for nut-free bakeries (or bakeries who do nut free on request) for breads, pastries, croissants, cakes, cookies, donuts, just about anything. French, Italian, Japanese, or anything else. Perhaps if there are any chocolatiers as well.

I've had a couple iffy experiences lately. My wife brought home a Fred's Bread loaf from Loblaw's where, after reading ingredients, there was nothing about non-nut breads containing nuts. I'm aways a bit wary, so I called to ask, and was told that it would be best to not eat them due to nut usage at their bakery. Food without proper labels is another post, I suppose.

I generally bake my own bread, make my own pastries, pies, cakes, and other baked goods. While I'm generally proficient, sometimes I don't feel like baking (especially in the summer), and there are a lot of things that just aren't worth making in small batches (when I have a craving for a Napoleon mille-feuille, say).

I know of a few bakeries already (La Sem does nut-free cakes on request with a certain period of time, there's a cupcake place, cookie place, and another bakery where I pick up Italian breads in Woodbridge whose names I don't remember), but the more, the merrier! Nut-free and of excellent quality would be nice!

I'm in Mississauga, but anywhere in the GTA would be fine.

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  1. There's a nut free kosher bakery in north york, called richman's. they are completely nut free and also do dairy free.

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      I recently bought a nut free cake from Richman's for my son with nut allergies. It was dry, tasteless, and not the best. On the other hand, their cupcakes were selling fast and maybe the breads are better than their cakes.

      tjr - can you remember the names of the places that you mentioned in woodbridge? (as well as if they are any good)

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        The cupcake place is "Simply Cupcakes." I'm not sure where they are located (I think somewhere in Mississauga). My wife's cousin orders them for her children's parties, and they are generally pretty good (the chocolate ones seem dry, the vanilla ones are moist).

        I don't know the name of the bakery, though; it's in Woodbridge, in a plaza beside a dry cleaner (I believe at HWY-7 & Wigross). They make excellent olive/eggplant/hot pepper/etc. breads (there's an oilyness about them that I enjoy), as well as good sandwich buns (ciabattas and the like). I think I asked them about their pastries, and they may have said that they can do them with advance notice, but I could be remembering somewhere else.

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        Richman's is indeed nut free, but it is not a good bakery.

      3. While not exactly patisserie quality, the Cupcake Shoppe's cupcakes are totally nut free. Yonge and Eg, across from the Restoration Hardware.

        1. I remember reading about this nut-free bakery on Mt. Pleasant in another thread on this board:


          I haven't been, so can't attest to its quality, but the previous poster liked it:


          Looks like its focus is more cookies, pies and cakes than bread...

          1. I'm also in Mississauga with a nut-allergy family.

            Swirls in Streetsville has nut-free cupcakes.
            The French Oven by Sherway Gardens has nut-free cakes and they're also sold frozen at Price Chopper.
            And there's a new store in Oakville (Cupid's Gourmet Cupcakes).

            Hope that helps.

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              Richman's is quite disgusting. Luckily there are quite a few nut-free bakeries in the same area along Bathurst: Amazing doughnuts where they have (wait for it) really amazing doughnuts; 2 Moms bakery, everything there is amazing and it is one of the few nut-free bakeries that have a wide variety of nut-free baked goods including lemon squares, cookies and my favorite, blondies; and catering by Risa, that is where I get my nut-free cakes. Her place is great because its not just desserts, but a whole nut-free catering business. At Yonge & Steeles there is cakes by Robert with beautiful cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. The only thing is that except for Amazing Doughnuts, none of these places are walk-in; you have to call ahead for your order.