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Aug 26, 2008 07:24 AM

Steak Redux

I know there have been threads before on leftover steak usage but I have some interesting leftovers from a party this weekend. There's about three pounds of grilled sirloin steak as well as some good opened Merlot and I'm wondering if I could use it for a beef burgundy- type of dish. Hmm??

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  1. noooo. drink the wine. and don't recook the beef, unless you are just warming a slice or two in a skillet for a great sandwich! make thai steak salad with the beef. make the other dishes suggested on those threads.

    why do you describe the leftovers as "interesting"?

    dang, i wish i were there. i'd help you eat that sirloin -- and drink the merlot....

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      Oh, yeah, I can't think of a nicer supper than steak sandwiches and some good wine. You have enough there to do both that and Thai steak salad just about all week, you lucky duck. You might also think about cutting some very thin slices and sautéeing them quickly to have with eggs and hash browns for breakfast, if you're into that sort of thing. I love steak & eggs, but hate having to deal with a thick cut at breakfast, so this is really my favorite way to go.

    2. I bet you could make a sauce like beef burgundy style with the wine left over and carrots, mushroom,s and pearl onions.. some beef stock.. and then serve it over the sliced steaks.

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        that's a good idea. serve with some nice egg noodles.

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          Thanks for the good ideas. What I wound up doing was create a chunky pasta sauce with some of the steak and a good deal of the wine. Then there was a hearty soup with some more. The half pound that was still left over was given to my grand-dogs.

          1. re: lucyis

            man, those are some lucky dogs!