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Aug 26, 2008 07:07 AM

Dessert Help

I have been invited to an annual dessert party. We are new to the neighborhood, and I am looking to make a good impression.I am an excellent baker, but am at a loss for what to bring. I want a wow factor, that also tastes great. It would help if I could bring 'bite sized' treats, because they are easier to grab and eat. (Sometimes cutting, and serving can get messy.) If it is fabulous, and delicious, I would be willing to make anything. Please, I need your guys help.

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  1. Napoleons are always fun because they look so impressive and seem difficult to make, but if you're a baker they probably won't phase you in the least. For bit size ones you could make them 1/2 of the size you normally would. If you have access to late-season fruit at a farmers market that would be even better. I'm not sure what your tastes are, but here's a whole slew of ideas from Epicurious:

    1. Mini cupcakes filled with something! :-)

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        I am so into cupcakes these days, and they're very well received (word seems to be cupcakes are now "hot". And fruit desserts while they're in season I think are always a crowd pleaser.
        I've been making fresh peach cupcakes -- best w/ a marscapone frosting, but cream cheese, butter, confectioner's sugar & vanilla passes. At a dessert party, people will think the fruit cupcakes are (almost) nutritious!

      2. Macarons. Mini tarts - blueberry buttermilk, or pear frangipane.

        1. Nothing says "welcome" to me like a homemade chocolate cake. I suggest Cooks Illustrated's version. It's rich, delicious, and everybody loves a chocolate cake!

          1. Tres leches cake with macerated berries on the side. It's cool and refreshing. Or, the Elvis cake. When I bring either to a gathering, people can't get over how good they both are.


            You can do either as a cupcake if you want individual sized desserts.