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Aug 26, 2008 07:03 AM

Taco Bar to come cater an event?

Hoping someone out there has an idea!

We're looking for - essentially - the taco truck without the truck. Someone to come on site to our venue and grill up a full taco bar, using either the kitchen at the venue or their own equipment. Been to a few weddings and such where this happened, but the folks that did it are either out of business, or I can't find their information.

I plan on talking to my favorite taqueria later this week, but wondered if anyone has had this done?

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  1. Tlaloc in SF financial district gets generally positive reviews and offers catering. I don't know where you are, but they also have a sister restuarant in Berkeley, Cancun.

    You might also try Aroma Buena Catering

    1. Perhaps a little more than you are looking for, but here is my report on Picante's catering, from an event where I was a guest:

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        Not more than I am looking for AT ALL!
        I'm going to contact Picante and see what they think my event will run. Do you have any idea what you friend paid?

        THANK YOU.

        1. re: rosetattoo76

          no idea of amounts/cost sorry...but what I can see on the website looks reasonably priced to me. Servers were very nice too, glad you are going to check them out.