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Aug 26, 2008 06:55 AM

Jacksonville -- The Row

Anyone been to The Row in the Riverdale Inn? Staying at the inn this week and wondered whether to dine in or out? Any other recommendations?

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  1. Tried the Sunday brunch soon after they opened (several years ago, now) and it was kind of "eh". Okay, but nothing special. Could be much better now, but I haven't heard either good or bad.

    You are around the corner from Sushi Cafe (walking distance) past Memorial Park and around the bend - it's good and consistent. You might drive up to Avondale and try Biscotti's for casual fine dining, or the Casbah for middle eastern (not that far away) both very good. Al's Pizza is also very close - it's pretty average, except for the steak, cheese and onion calzone, which is a keeper. You're close to Mossfire Grille as well, it's not on my "A" list, but your mileage may vary - it's southwestern type fare.

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      I like Mossfire pretty well. The habanero-mango dipping sauce that comes with the fried plantains is amazing and so is the cilantro "mojito" (they'll make it with rum instead of tequila if you ask!) Don't forget Ragland's for a good beer selection and decent po-boys, beans & rice, fried green tomatoes, etc AND a quintessential Five Points crowd. For nicer fare, I also think an evening at Biscotti's to try the nightly specials is a good suggestion. We also have 13 Gypsies - a cool new neighborhood tapas joint at Stockton and College Sts - totally unpretentious and casual with some great dishes and house made sangria. Check out both the Biscotti's and 13 Gypsies websites! Have fun in Riverside!

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        This is a late reply, but I did end up eating at The Row and was not terribly impressed. Wine list is pedestrian and the food was uninspiring for the price. Also the Inn, for what it's worth, is charming but old. Staying there is fine if you don't mind the musty odor and occasional gecko in your room. I've stayed there a few times, but I noticed the humidity and must more on my last visit.
        I did also get to eat a nice lunch at the Mossfire -- that was quite enjoyable. Excellent take on southwest cuisine at reasonable prices.