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Aug 26, 2008 05:55 AM

"That Corner Spot" at Front & Jarvis

About a week ago a new restaurant called "That Corner Spot" opened in place of the now defunct Garden at Eleven (formerly Eleven, formerly Ninth Gate) on the northeast corner of Front and Jarvis. The decor and furniture look identical to the previous incarnation. There is no proper sign, but the menu board on the sidewalk lists some basic food stuffs like hamburgers, veggie burgers, chicken wraps, etc. Lunch prices seem to be around the $10 mark. They mention a few times on the menu that the meats and ingredients are from the St. Lawrence Market across the street.

Has anyone tried this place? Is it a serious attempt at a restaurant or just some sort of filler business to occupy the space until a more upscale tenant comes along? I'm happy to see this wonderful old building being used again, but it seems like a bit of a surprising switch.

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  1. The sandwich board on the sidewalk says "Mill St. Brewery".

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      that is a sign provided by the mill street...usually designed to offer specials

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        Yeah, I just assumed that meant that they carry Mill St. beers. Which is good.

      2. went with some friends the other night and sat on the patio. we were virtually the only ones there. The beer on draught is local - a couple from mill street, a couple from amsterdam and peelers cider. The wine selection isn't stellar - mostly LCBO general list stuff but not overpriced. The server told me the kitchen gets essentially everything from the St. Lawrence Market and it was pretty evident. I had a sandwich with grilled balsamic vegetables and capicolla and my friends had some burgers- veggie and beef. Everything was well portioned and delicious. We each had 2 beers each and a meal and each paid 30$ incl tax and tip. I'll be back for sure. Great music, too.

        1. Just went there with my wife. My veggie burger (the faux-meat variety, not the earthy vegetable or [shudder] orange hockey puck type) was excellent...had a tasty little aoili on it. My salad was very fresh, so I guess their claim of buying produce fresh from St. Lawrence Market is true. My wife wanted a serviceable brunch where they got her eggs right...mission accomplished. Good local beers: KLB for her, Mill Street Tankhouse Ale for me, both nice and cold. Second what estestest said about the music too: I heard Mogwai, New Pornographers and Death Cab, among others.

          Huge patio too, good for people watching if that's your thing. I hope this one sticks around...this corner's been cursed for since the Golden Griddle fled the scene.

          1. Since I posted this query my wife and I went by for brunch and it was good. The weather was was too cool for the patio, unfortunately, which is definitely that location's best asset. We had a couple different types of egg dishes and both were good; the hashbrowns were excellent. Coffee could have been a bit better though.

            We chatted briefly with the one owner, he was formerly the owner of Cafe Asia / Market Fresh a few doors down and has sold most of his share in that business to give this new location a go. He seems pretty adamant on the local-focus for produce from the SLM and trying to create a casual affordable neighbourhood place. I hope he succeeds and we will definitely be back to do our part.

            By the way, I realize it's called "The Corner Place" and not "That Corner Spot" as I put in the title of this post back in August, oops.