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Aug 26, 2008 05:20 AM

No new topics on My Chow?

Why doesn't all revisited topics register on "My Chow". The latest example is "Cuban sandwich? Elena Ruz?" on the Florida board. I participated in the discussion in May & August 2007 and when it reappeared on the Florida board in August 26, 2008 there was no designation of a new appearance on "My Chow."

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  1. This is a bug/feature in the way they've chosen to list topics. It actually did appear on your "my chow" page. Just not on the front page. See down on the bottom of the page that row of numbers with little boxes around them? Click on them to go further back in time to topics started earlier than the ones on your front page. When you eventually get to the May 2007 section, you'll probably find the cuban sandwich topic with a little <new> icon next to it.

    Yes, this pretty poor behaviour and I seem to remember a note from the engineering people more or less agreeing with that assessment. But I guess we're stuck with it.

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