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Aug 25, 2008 10:52 PM

Haricot Vert?

Anyone know where to get it in the LA area. Preferably the south bay. If not, anywhere on the west side?

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  1. Try Trader Joes.... They always carry the frozen ones and also sometimes fresh.

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    1. re: minnie

      it is simply green beans - any supermarket should have them

      1. re: twinsmum

        When I buy them from Ralph's (Olympic and Barrington in WLA) or at Gelson's they are nothing like regular American style green beans, (including the price - which is much higher). The Fench style are much thinner / skinner and than the normal green beans I see and they seem to be a deeper green color as well.

        1. re: Servorg

          yeah, they're different, but they're still available at just about every Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, regional farmers' market and even standard grocery stores these days.

    2. Stangely enough, they often sell Haricot Vert at Costco (in the refridgerated section). It's pre-cut and washed, but I wash and cut them again when I open the package. They're not bad...but I'll be honest, I've not been able to find the fresh haricot vert at the markets.

      1. I can find them at my local Gelson's market. Try Bristol farms if you don't have a Gelson's.

        1. Trader Joes almost always carries the fresh ones, as does Costco. TJs sells them for $2.99 for a small bag (I think 8 oz, although I could be wrong), Costco sells a ginormous bag for around $6.

          1. Would expect any quality local farmer's market to have them - maybe Rolling Hills, Hollywood Riviera, or similar, maybe M/Beach. They have been available here in Studio City market for around 4 or so weeks. Blue Lakes green beans are also now available.