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Aug 25, 2008 10:30 PM

The Winning Restaurants in the Hot Sauce Festival

Restaurant Entries

Red Sauce: Sazon

Green Sauce: Cuatros

Special Variety: Curra's

(All are located in Austin)

Your thoughts please

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  1. I like the red sauce at Sazon, a lot.

    Haven't been to Cuatro's.

    Not sure what was the variety that was special, but for all the times I've been to Curra's, I don't remember any salsa!

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    1. re: rudeboy

      Wonder if the special salsa from Curra's is the warm orange/red sauce they serve with the tamales. It's different from their regular red sauce and pretty good too.

      1. re: Joelle

        The warm orange/red sauce is called borracho salsa, it's roasted tomatoes, jalapeno, and beer. My guess is they won special variety for either that or the mole.