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Aug 25, 2008 09:37 PM

Needed - Any info, reviews or feedback on Miyoshi Sushi on Preston Road in Plano?

Has anyone out there experienced Miyoshi Sushi? If so - any feedback or recommendations?

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  1. Sure many times. There $15 all you can eat is a good value for lunch. The $25 for dinner is a little much personally since I don't generally eat that much for dinner. They have decent sushi better than average on some. Generally the reason to go their is convenient and of course their very good price for lunch.

    If I was going out of my way for Sushi and I didn't mind a few dollars more Masami would always be my choice. But generally I just don't have the time to make it that far for lunch and it's out of my way for dinner except those days that I am open for a trip. On my way home though I stop at Miyoshi or Plano Sushi for a quick Sushi fix and reasonable quality.

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      The all you can eat lunch is great especially on Saturdays but for great unique sushi I love Simon Sushi on 75 and Plano Parkway.

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        thanks for the response. now before we take the 52 mile drive, just a few more questions:
        how's the selection and variety on the ayce dinner?
        how's the quality?
        any type of time limit?
        how's their service?


        1. re: gastronomic indulgence

          There is no limit that I am aware of. The Dinner for $25 has most of their rolls, a large assortment of Nigri and Beef & Chicken Teriyaki etc. The atmosphere is nice modern clean. There service is reasonable at dinner it can be hectic at lunch.