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Bmore Cupcake Throwdown - Who Wins?

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Ok, so we're no DC with our out-of-control cupcake mania, but with the recent arrival of the Cupcake Girl and her cupcake-mobile, Baltimore now has 4 sugary spots serving up frosting-topped delights.

Cupcake Co. - probably the most famous, but definitely not universally loved. Crazy flavors and even crazier icing.
Charm City Cupcakes - usual reaction is, "is that the place on Food Network?" Umm, no.
Cakelove - Bleh. Yea, I said it.
Cupcake Girl - Superb marketing and a unique idea. Less gourmet, but tasty!

I'm all about the Cupcake Girl right now, but I do need to get back to Cupcake Company for a proper throwdown. Who is your pick!?

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  1. This topic already has its own thread here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/485895

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    1. re: crackers

      Thanks for pointing out that thread..didn't see it before. Looks like there is a consensus on Cakelove. However, that thread was before Cupcake Girl arrived on the scene.

      1. re: 600block

        Cupcake Girl is actually called Perfect Cupcakes is it not?

        1. re: tapas gal

          Yes - http://www.perfectcupcakes.com/ ... it's quite the website!

    2. Love Baltimore Cupcake Co. Definitely my favorite by far! Was just there last week and tasted the chocolate brownie and red velvet cupcakes! Everytime I return, I truly enjoy the flavors and the cake / icing ratio. I even packed up 4 cupcakes to bring back to NY for people to try this past weekend! They devoured them!