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Aug 25, 2008 08:05 PM

Bmore Cupcake Throwdown - Who Wins?

Ok, so we're no DC with our out-of-control cupcake mania, but with the recent arrival of the Cupcake Girl and her cupcake-mobile, Baltimore now has 4 sugary spots serving up frosting-topped delights.

Cupcake Co. - probably the most famous, but definitely not universally loved. Crazy flavors and even crazier icing.
Charm City Cupcakes - usual reaction is, "is that the place on Food Network?" Umm, no.
Cakelove - Bleh. Yea, I said it.
Cupcake Girl - Superb marketing and a unique idea. Less gourmet, but tasty!

I'm all about the Cupcake Girl right now, but I do need to get back to Cupcake Company for a proper throwdown. Who is your pick!?

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    1. re: crackers

      Thanks for pointing out that thread..didn't see it before. Looks like there is a consensus on Cakelove. However, that thread was before Cupcake Girl arrived on the scene.

      1. re: 600block

        Cupcake Girl is actually called Perfect Cupcakes is it not?

    2. Love Baltimore Cupcake Co. Definitely my favorite by far! Was just there last week and tasted the chocolate brownie and red velvet cupcakes! Everytime I return, I truly enjoy the flavors and the cake / icing ratio. I even packed up 4 cupcakes to bring back to NY for people to try this past weekend! They devoured them!