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Aug 25, 2008 07:58 PM

So a double date walks into Restaurant Week...

Four collegiate kids, some of them pseudo-gourmands and all of them fond of tasty food are in search of a Restaurant Week dinner for an amusing night out on the town. Caveats: one is vegetarian, one is extremely carnivorous and the other two are unknown quantities.

I looked at the menus and so far Amada, Xochitl, Fork, Lolita and Tangerine (even though there isn't a vegetarian second course, maybe I could just grab two firsts?) sound marvelous. Any thoughts on how Restaurant Week tends to play out at these? Thanks!

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  1. I would say Lolita or Xochitl. You would be very hard pressed to find anything at Amada for that week now. Last I saw they were booked up all week. Fork isn't what it used to be. And you can bring a bottle of tequila to Lolita and one pitcher of their mix should make four margaritas. And on the plus side, they make basically the same dishes either veg or not so no one would be getting slighted. Also look at Bindi if your into Indian inspired food.

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      Thanks so much! I was afraid of the reservation thing- I was only reminded of RW because I ended up in Philly (not my hometown) last weekend, unfortunately. Lolita sounds like a lot of fun, so I'll pass that suggestion on and see what people think. I've heard kind of mixed reports on Bindi, but only when it first opened, so if they have a spot, maybe we'll check it out too.

    2. "some of them pseudo-gourmands and all of them fond of tasty food"

      Actually "all of them fond of tasty food" makes all of them not pseudo- but rather genuine gourmands.

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        For any linguistic fallacies, I do so apologize. What I meant was that two of us really do try to discover unusual flavors, experiment with tastes (and have fun describing it all), whereas most of my friends enjoy everything from mac and cheese to adana kebab and just label it tasty.

      2. It is way too late to be making RW reservations for a party of four, all the good places are booked. Amada doesn't have a table for two all week, let alone four. The other places you mention are not really much of a deal at $35 per person anyway.

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          Well, bummer. If that's true about pricing then maybe I'll just hold off until later anyway when it's less chaotic. I know some restaurants in DC either continue the RW deal or offer their own variations on the theme, does the same hold true for Philly?

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            It depends on where you go, but at Lolita for example you can have a good meal there any time for less than $35 per person. And you don't have to order off a special menu. The places that offer the best deals tend to get booked up first.

            Marigold Kitchen used to extend their restaurant week for an extra week or something, but it doesn't look like they are participating this year.

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              Marigold Kitchen participates in University City Dining Days, not Restaurant Week. They extended the deal for an additional two weeks this year and still offer a $30 3-course Sunday menu.

              Personally, I'd skip the Restaurant Week "deals" all together and just find some fun, relatively inexpensive options. Every year the ratio of negative reviews during RR to positive seems to run about 3:1. Limited menus, rushed service, and mediocre food are the main complaints.

        2. Why don't you try calling Le Bec-Fin? My understanding is that they are seating RW patrons in the main dining room, mezzanine, front dining room, and the Bar Lyonnais. I sampled the menu as a guinea pig, and it was very good.