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Aug 25, 2008 07:46 PM

What is good and interesting in and around Culver City?

Where are the finds in Culver City?

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  1. Love Fraiche, tho hard to get into at last minute. Wilson's was good, not spectacular. Ford's is good, not great & pricey. Tender Greens is awesome, tho don't know how late they're open and no bar. Beacon was also very good. Not into Akasha. Can't wait to try Bottlerock.

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      I love Fraiche too and cant wait to go back. You might like K-Zo right next to Trader Joes (convenient parking). Very good Japanese restaurant, good service, extensive menu, friendly attitude. Give it a try 1stlove.

    2. Fraiche is very good, Father's office is great, I really like Beacon. For lunch I love Tender Greens, M Cafe de Chaya and Skratch. I also really like Rush Street for drinks and bar bites.

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        I've been to K-Zo several times and it does not dissapoint. Good Japanese food and sushi, good service, friendly attitude and extensive menu. It's next to the Trader Joes with convenient parking.

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          Am I blind? I've been to that TJ's a few time since I moved into the area and can't picture where K Zo's is??


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            K Zo is next to TJ's on the north side (on Culver Blvd) of the building/parking structure.

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            I haven't been to a whole lot of Culver City restaurants but will throw in another thumbs up for Beacon.

          3. For Mexican, definitely get a cemita from the truck on Venice Blvd. that usually parks east of the 405.

            Pepe's Tacos (hole-in-the-wall) has a really good braised short-rib (costillas) and fresh juice. I've tried most of the other taquerias in this Centinela/Inglewood area and it's my favorite.

            Of course there's Sorrento's Italian market for great Italian bread, sandwiches, local-ish (Tulare Co.) produce.

            Sorrento Italian Market
            5518 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

            Pepe's Tacos
            4582 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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              Had a couple cemitas on saturday at the Cemitas Poblanas lunch truck parked in front of the Smart & Final on Venice Blvd. Had the Milanesa chicken as well as the "queso de puerco" - the head cheese - and both were great. I never thought I'd eat head cheese but the customer in front of me said it was one of her favorites. Nice toasty buns, lots of guac, and the deep salsa roja make this truck's sandwiches truly delicious.

            2. Maybe not what you're looking for, but I've always been a fan of Versailles. Garlic chicken and fried plantains as a garnish! Yummy!

              1. Gloria's on Venice Blvd has good to great Salvadoran and Mexican dishes. Their pork and beef dinner entrees, soups, and tamales are their strengths.