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Aug 25, 2008 07:04 PM

Tamarind Bay - Coastal Indian in Brookline

Has anyone tried the new restaurant from Tamarind Bay in Brookline. I saw the menu and decor and it looks fantastic. The manager told me it is coastal Indian which is predominantly seafood. I can't wait to try it out this weekend.

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  1. Oh wow, I assume this is a second location of the original, in Harvard Square? It's easily one of my favorite Indian restaurants in town.

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      Yes, it's a second location. I haven't been yet, but after phoning them I learned that they're only open for dinner until mid September when they'll switch to having both lunch and dinner.

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        any updates? we tried it the first week it was open. it was great looking, the service was charming, but the food disappointed (bland and uninteresting frankly). anyone try it recently?

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          Went last week during the soft opening. We sat next to the large open window (a whole wall actually), which was great on a warm night. Staff was very friendly. My DC had a tuna appetizer that was good and a lobster cooked in spices that was just fair. I had an appetizer of cabbage and potato patties. (Sorry, don't remember the name and the online menu looks different from the typed pages we were given.) Anyway, the presentation was very nice - four crisp patties with a spicy sauce on the side and small yorgurt salad. Unfortunately, they were completely flavorless and badly needed salt. Not so with the black lentils (lalla mussa dal) that I had an entre. These were so salty and smoky that no other flavors came through. I couldn't finish it. The butter nan was okay, but I've had better. Hope they improve as I know the one in Cambridge gets good reviews here.

          We could use a good upscale Indian restaurant on the Brookline/JP side of the river. Rani is pretty good. Looking forward to trying the one going into the old Cafe D space.

    2. Eyuch, is it up in Cleveland Circle?

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        It's close to Washington Square but heading toward Cleveland Circle. Just past the Golden Temple.

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          Oops, I had the wrong landmarks..

      2. I went a few weeks ago and I thought it was pretty terrible. There was a scallop appetizer which wasn't bad, and a salmon kebab that was not horrible either. They both had the same sweet sauce though. The lalla musa daal wasn't good, but it was edible. The lamb saag is freakishly salty, as are the plantain dumplings. I'm also sad that a lot of my favorite dishes from TB aren't in this location. The rack of lamb isn't here, no peshawari chole, their eggplant dish or their lamb dumplings.

        The worst thing I encountered though was a whole fish that the table in front of me ordered. It was horrendous. When the waiter brought the fish to their table, it smelled like fish market refuse. The windows are large, so when the wind blew, that same smell kept wafting over. It's crazy that something like that could be eaten.

        The harvard sq location is my favorite indian restaurant because it goes light on the salt but has all kinds of great flavor. This is like the exact opposite.

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