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Aug 25, 2008 06:53 PM

Fine dining near Great Barrington

Apologies...not sure what happened....Fine dining near Great Barrington should be the heading.

I did a search for Great Barrington and I found a lot of older posts (circa 2002).

Any updated information on great restaurants in the Great Barrington area? Great wine list, great reputation would be ideal.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Try putting "Great Barrington" onto your search and you should find lots of recent reviews. Favorites in the area for fine dining include Blantyre, Chez Nous, Castle Street, Old Inn on the Green, John Andrews and Wheatleigh. Lots of comments. My favorites are Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough and Chez Nous in Lee - both are really close to Great Barrington.

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      The Old Mill in Egremont belongs on your list, and perhaps even the Swiss Hutte (which has its own special charm, as well as real wiener schnitzel). If you're going as far afield as John Andrews or the Old Inn on the Green (both of which, while popular favorites, we have real problems with), you could manage either of these. Wheatleigh and Blantyre: breeds apart, and priced that way (Blantyre even higher than W.). Certainly great wine lists and great reputations. Of your list, I myself would go for Chez Nous, but de gustibus and all that! Whatever you choose, enjoy.

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        Cannot recommend John Andrews anymore based on my last experience there (which makes me sad) but I do always have a very nice (albeit expensive) brunch at Wheatleigh. It's beautiful and delicious. :) Enjoy

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          We ate at the Swiss Hutte over the weekend, and it was fine, but ridiculously overpriced. The least expensive entree was $28.

          We skiied at Catamount and I have never had such awful food in a ski lodge. Inedible and crowded. If you're skiing there, do yourself a favor and bring lunch with you.

      2. Wheatleigh is great - though expensive. I don't mind the price though b/c I always feel like I'm on vacation at that gorgeous location. It's truly transporting. Have a glass of wine before dinner and stroll the grounds. The food is sometimes a bit 'strange' for some - they sometimes offer things like sauteed fiddlehead ferns, rabbit, gamey stuff, etc. but still lots of fun.

        John Andrews is still a favorite, despite the posts of bad experiences by some. I've always been satisfied, though we've had 'off' nights there - but I've had off nights everywhere I go. They have a very extensive wine list.

        Southfield Store in Southfield, MA (north of GB) is a great place. It's owned by the Old Inn on the Green people and the food is tasty and the setting is bucolic. They have amazing pastries as well. Can't remember their wine list -- I had a delicous margharita though.